F-16CJ Wild Weasel - 35th Fighter Wing, 13th Fighter Squadron (Hasegawa 1:48 #07232)


The F-16CJ Block 50/52D is best recognized for its ability to carry the AGM-88 HARM and the AN/ASQ-213 HARM Targeting System (HTS) in the suppression of enemy air defenses [SEAD] mission. Most current F-16C's carry the ALQ-131 Jammer Pod when flown in combat to provide both noise and deception jamming protection.

I was interested in modeling an aircraft that had seen actual combat service in recent times. As it turned out, the Hasegawa kit decals contained such an aircraft from the 35FW based at Misawa, Japan. The 13FS and 14FS participated in Operation Desert Strike in which they where credited with HARM kills on Iraqi SA-8 radar missile systems. To this day, 35FW F-16CJ's continue to fly missions in support of Operation Southern Watch over Iraq.