F/A-18F Super Hornet - VFA-102 Diamondbacks (Hasegawa 1:72 #00548)


The new 1/72 Hasegawa tooling of the Super Hornet is a lovely little kit. It faithfully represents a operational Super Hornet (including many features not present in the Italeri offerings). I built this kit as soon as I got it (it never saw the inside of my cupboard). I like aircraft in flight and most of my 72nd kits will end up this way (leaving their 48th cousins for super detailing).

Built mostly out of the box (with the addition of pilot figures and some scratchbuilt detail behind the rear cockpit, plus weapons), my only gripes with this kit are a very poor fitting canopy and a nasty seam in the upper roof of the intakes (solved with plastic card in my case). The weapons fit is a standard CAS loadout, consisting of Mk-84 dumb bombs, GBU-16 LGB with AIM-120 + AIM9X for self defence.