Mosquito B Mk.IV - DZ353, 627 Sqn, RAF, 1944 (HKM 1:32 #HKM01E15)

Back in Feb 2015 I was fortunate enough to obtain a "test shot" of the new Hong Kong Models 1/32 Mosquito B Mk.IV. It looked so good in the box that really wanted to build it, even though I knew it was not the final kit. I had no decals and no instructions (at first, these were later provided in PDF format) but I pushed ahead anyway.

I kind of got carried away in the cockpit and nose interior detailing but I often find the need to push myself to try new things and in the end I found it very enjoyable and it certainly increased my level of confidence in my scratchbuilding ability.

This kit has unfortunately been overshadowed in many peoples mind by the Tamiya release. Having now built it I can say it is certainly worthy of your consideration. I know that many will buy the Tamiya kit just because it's a Tamiya and then leave it in the cupboard too intimidated by its complexity. The HK kit by comparison is extremely buildable and for the most part just clicks together.

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