Curtiss Mk.IIB Tomahawk [P-40C] (Bronco 1:48 #FB4007)

A relatively quick build out of the box, with the exception of the fishtail resin exhausts. I was inspired by the Bronco boxart showing Clive Caldwell in a dogfight with an Bf 109E over North Africa. The plan is to eventually build an Eduard 109E to mount with this guy but for now he's hunting the skys alone.

The kit has some basic flaws but all can be overcome with some imagination and sanding/triming. Being my first Bronco kit build I was happy to find the fit was very good as was the surface detail. This was also the first time I'd used Mr Paint colours and was very impressed with how they performed.

The decal sheet in the kit has some major shape/size and most of all color problems so I opted instead for an Xtradecal sheet designed for the Airfix kit and this in turn caused me some extra work due to size differences (especially around the nose). My complete build report can be found On The Bench