North American Aviation P-51D Mustang (Meng 1:48 #LS006)

I have recently completed the new MENG P-51D Mustang kit. Overall impression ? I think its a great little kit, possibly the most detailed 1:48 P-51 kit yet released. I'll be curious to see how the upcoming Airfix and Eduard new tools compare.

The surface detail is just right, the overall accuracy seems good to me (they got the main wheel well right) with the only thing that let the whole package down was the research (or lack thereof) for the painting/markings scheme.

Is this really a glue-free kit, no I don't believe so. Many of the parts would not have stayed in place properly had I not used some glue but frankly I don't see this as an issue, especially to serious modelers who would not buy this kit because of that "feature". I can certainly see myself building another one (or two) of this kit in the future.

The full build report for this model can be found On The Bench