F-4 Phantom Boy - Egg Plane (Hasegawa EW-003)


Browsing the shelfs of one of my regular model shops, I noticed a selection of funny shaped kits with a Hasegawa label !!

Not one to pass up looking at anything Hasegawa, I took a closer look and discovered a range of "Bubble" planes. In essence these models are "charactatures" of the real aircraft. As you can see from the photo's they are very cartoonish.

I found a kit of the F-4 Phantom and having a friend who is mad about Phantoms, decided that he would surely not have one of these in his collection. Looking for a distraction from the current major modeling project I set about slapping the bubble phantom together.

The kit is a simple as it looks, but when assembled with a little care and painted nicely, turns into a very "cute" addition to the display case.

My friend did indeed not have this Phantom, and was both surprised and pleased at my gift. Finally I must confess to having returned to the shop and picked up a couple more "bubble" kits for a rainy day !!