North Amerian FJ-2 Fury VMF-334 'Falcons' (Kittyhawk 1:48 #80155)

This is KittyHawk's 1:48 FJ-2 Fury and in many ways they have certainly improved since the early days. The fit of this kit is very good and it does not feel as over-engineered as some of their previous releases and the occurence of mis-formed or short shot parts has pretty much been eliminated.

But ... the area where KittyHawk consistently drop the ball is around their research (or lack thereof) for the aircraft markings and paint schemes, especially in boxings where you have a choice of variants.

In my build I was able to use my own masks, but I feel sorry for other modellers who need to use the kit decals because they will ruin what is otherwise a truely nice kit.

The full build report can be found On The Bench