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North American P-51K Mustang
No. 2 Sqn Air Combat Group PLA
1949 Parade, 44-73920, Pilot Lin Hu

Bronco (FB0410)

Started: Mar 2020
Finished: Mar 2020
Link to Build

This is my quick (2 weeks) build of the Bronco 1:48 P-51K in PLA markings. Despite the shortcomings of the kit I was happy with the end result and feel the PLA markings look very striking and the subdued rivet and surface detail looks quite convincing under some paint.

If you care a lot about accuracy and don't want to spend time fixing things then this kit is not for you, go buy the Eduard P-51. If absolute accuracy is not as important, you like the marking options and are willing to invest some TLC to fix the easy things then as you can see it polishes up pretty well.