Rafale M - Aeronavale, Flotille 12F (Revell 1:48 #04517)


The first of two Rafale's (M & B) released by Revell AG, I've been itching to get my hands onto this kit for a while. The molding looks so impressive in the box and I was keen to see how it went together. I have to say that, construction was not without problems (particulary around the intakes and rounded nose section as well as the wing root). However, my biggest disapointment with this kit was the decals. They are shocking for a 2000's kit. Thick, with a matt finish, they are a nightmare and unfortunately for me, no-one seems to have made aftermarket decals for this aircraft :(

But, with a lot of patience and plenty of setting solution, I acheived a satisfactory result. I definitely won't be using Revell AG's kit decals again if I can avoid it