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Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk
VCS-9, CL-50 USS Helena
US Navy, 1946

Halberd Models

Started: Apr 2023
Finished: Apr 2024

This is my first full resin model build and I am so glad I selected a Halberd Models kit. I have slowly been collecting all the resin conversions from this small Ukrainian company, who continue to operate under what I can only imagine are incredibly challenging conditions. Halberd caught my attention some time ago because their choice of subjects are so interesting and the quality of the resin parts are amazing.

This build had a number of firsts for me. My first full resin kit, first use of 3D parts I printed (and designed) myself and first time I have used the computer to design and layout all the riveting I added. The build took me the best part of a year but that was not in anyway reflective of the kit itself. In truth it goes together as well as most injection molded plastic kits.

I was so happy with the finished aircraft that I decided to put some effort into a base and figures. I'm still learning with figure painting but think they add so much to the aircraft that I'm determined to push myself to get better.