Build Notes

Black Box
EA-6B Prowler Cockpit (48032) +
EA-6B Wingfold Set (CS48002)
Scale: 1/48

Started: 01 March 2005
Finished: -
Last Update: 02 May 2005

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Update: 01 March 2005
Basic cleanup and assembly of the resin parts have been completed. The Black Box instructions need quite a bit of study to determine which parts go exactly where !!
However once the penny drops the cockpit comes together nicely.

Black Box warns you in the instructions that modification to the Monogram fuselage half's is needed. They are not kidding. You can see below the amount of work with plastic card and Dremmel tool I had to do to undertake to hide the large gaps.
Update: 07 Mar 2005
In preparation for fitting the Black Box replacement resin wings, the kit wing joint slots have been filled and backed with plastic-card. This will form the basis for an anchor into which brass pins will slot thus giving the wing to fuselage joint strength.

The resin, plastic-card and kit parts have received the coat of primer. All looking good so far.
Update: 02 May 2005
Painting has proceeded nicely. A little trouble was experienced in the positioning of the front cockpit instrument panel. By my eye the whole panel was 3-4mm too far forward, so some minor surgery was needed to move it into the correct position..
Update: 10 May 2005
With the cockpit finished, I have turned my attention to the Wingfold set. This set requires some modifications to the kit fuselage in order to accept the resin exhausts.
As the resin wings roots do not come with any locating pins for the fuselage join, the modeller is left to either live with a butt joint (not a wise choice) or provide their own locating pins for alignment and of course strength. As you can see from the final pic in todays update, I had a couple of attempts at getting the pins in the right position