On The Bench


IL-2 Sturmovik
Scale: 1/32

Started: 19 Feb 2011
Finished: Project on hold.
As I was researching both the aircraft and the model, I came across several noteworthy sources of reference material. To assist in your project of building an accurate IL-2, you may find these useful

Building and Correcting the 1/32nd Scale Hobby Boss Il-2 (by Jason Moore)
Modeling the Aircraft of the Soviet VVS 1917-1950

As I find more information, I'll update this section to include it. Like me, this should help you get started.

One of the habits I have gotten into lately is doing a fairly extensive dry fit on any new model. I find it invaluable as a way of getting a "feel" for the model. Many things that go into planning a model build can (and should be) decided long before you take the top off the glue bottle. Things like:

- How does it fit in general.
- How much detail can be seen in the cockpit (is it worth spending time or money on this area ?)
- Assembly sequencing, do I need to follow the kit instructions or is there a better way ?

This photo shows the fuselage, cockpit and canopies being tested. First impression is that the fit is quite good.
With the clear parts removed, we can see any interior "holes" that need detailing. Having good reference material when scratchbuilding is invaluable.
The cowling is once again provided in clear should you wish to display as such. You can see I have assembled enough of the engine (as per the P-51) to mount the spinner and exhausts on. I have also done some intital assessment of fit and accuracy of the upper air intake. This will need some work, but more on that later.
Feeling that I have a good understanding of the fuselage, its time to begin work on the cockpit. HobbyBoss have done a very credible job on the detail of the tub itself. At this point I don't plan on adding much detail at all to this area.
As per this diagram showing the general cockpit layout of the IL-2, the area that HobbyBoss have failed are the side walls (particularly the right one).
Here we see, the rather spartan starboard side wall. HB does provide about 3 small boxes that should be attached, but its nowhere near enough. We need to make this "busy" enough to look realistic, especially in 1/32
A combination of plasticard, copper wire and stretched sprue have been used to build up some detail on the side wall. Not too much is needed here as the IL-2 was not at all cluttered, just enough to draw the viewers attention.
Sorry to say that's as far as I've gotten. For the moment this project is on hold pending some more time and motivation.