Detail Set Reviews

3D Printed Upgrade Sets for Su-33 (2001) & Su-27K (2002)
Manufacturer: Minibase
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Jul 2022

3D Printed Exhaust Nozzle & Accessory Sets
Manufacturer: Gloria Model
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Mar 2022

Su-27 3D Printed Landing Gear
Manufacturer: Detail & Wonder Studio
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Mar 2022

Quick Set 3D Acrylic Instrument Panel
Manufacturer: Red Fox Studio
Scale: 1:32
Reviewed: Nov 2021

3D-Decal Interior Sets
Manufacturer: Quinta
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Oct 2021

SPACE 3D Decal Detail Sets
Manufacturer: Eduard
Scale: Various
Reviewed: May 2021

He162 "What-If" Conversion Sets
Manufacturer: Everest Model
Scale: 1:72
Reviewed: March 2021

3D-Decal Interior Sets
Manufacturer: Quinta Studio
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Nov 2020

Resin Wheel Sets
with "Elastic Resin" tires

Manufacturer: HALBERD Models
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Jan 2020

Su-34/Su-35 Metal Upgrade Sets
Manufacturer: KittyHawk
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Apr 2019

Upgrade Sets for the
Airfix Sea Fury Kit

Manufacturer: BarracudaCast
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Sept 2018

Vought RF-8A Crusader
Resin Conversion for Hasegawa Kit

Manufacturer: RVHP
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: Feb 2018

BAE Hawk 127 Lead In Fighter
Cockpit & Nose Correction for Airfix Hawk 100

Manufacturer: R&R Models
Scale: 1:48
Reviewed: May 2006